3PO Podcast – Police officers and the Online Sphere with Dr Oliver Merry

Launching the new 3PO project podcast series

Our 3PO project was featured in the new SIPR podcast series “[re]SEARCH light”. In this inaugural episode, Dr Oliver Merry, a senior lecturer in forensic psychology at Sheffield Hallam University and a key researcher in the 3PO project, speaks about the unique challenges faced by police officers in the digital realm. It goes beyond the data, shedding light on Dr Merry's personal experiences related to online harm, particularly as a partner of a police officer.

Led by Dr Olivia Coombes, Communication and Dissemination Officer for the 3PO Project, the discussion explores the intersections of personal and professional life in the context of online safety and the impacts on those close to public-facing professionals. Drawing on Dr Merry's statement, "We want to help those who help us," this episode offers more than an analysis of social media trends, presenting a deep dive into real-life experiences and a pursuit of solutions for those who dedicate their lives to public service.

Listen to the episode here: Episode 1/2024: Police Officers and the Online Sphere