Call for Participants

Call for Participants

The 3PO Project is currently recruiting participants to take part in innovative research and to share experiences about online safety (positive and negative).

In particular, we are looking for (i) police officers/staff and their partners and (ii) teenage children of police officers/staff.

We would like to invite police officers/staff and their partners to take part in our research, which seeks to understand online risks due to the nature of police work. We would like to hear your views about the risks of being online, any steps you take to protect yourself and family, as well as what support might be beneficial.

As well as that we are interested in interviewing teenage children of police officers to help our researchers understand what it is growing up as the child of a police officer and how this affected their online activities. 

Partners and teenage children that participate will receive a £20 Amazon voucher as a token of appreciation for their time.

Visit this link and use the QR code to sign up.