Introducing the 3PO Briefing Papers

Introducing the 3PO Briefing Papers

The 3PO Project has unveiled a series of briefing papers, offering valuable insights into the impact of online harms, the experiences of officers and their families, and the development of technological solutions to address these challenges.

Here's a concise overview of the 3PO Briefing Papers series:

Social Media Analysis

The inaugural 3PO Social Media Analysis—Briefing Paper provides a comprehensive study on harmful content directed at police officers and staff across various social media platforms.

Staff and Partners

The 3PO: Interviews with Police Officers/Staff and Partners—Briefing Paper delves into the online risks, harms, and protective needs of police officers/staff and their partners.

Specialist Officers

Focusing on specialised roles within the police force, this briefing paper explores how online harms impact the well-being of officers. It highlights differences in threat perceptions and protective measures among specialist officers, providing insights into their online challenges.

How Children of Police Officers Keep Safe Online

This paper addresses the unique challenges faced by the children of police officers in the digital age. It discusses how these children navigate negative online experiences tied to their parents' profession and provides practical recommendations for ensuring their online safety.

Co-developing Technological Solutions

The 5th issue describes how the 3PO project collaborates with experts to develop technological tools for preventing and mitigating online harms. It introduces tools like self-assessment and harm reporting tools aimed at empowering officers to enhance their online safety.

Managerial Officers

Issue 6 of the 3PO Briefing Series explores the unique challenges faced by police personnel in the digital age, particularly the increased risks of online targeting and abuse due to their heightened visibility on social media platforms.

These briefing papers offer a glimpse into the evolving landscape of policing in the digital age, underscoring the importance of tackling online threats. They provide practical solutions to enhance the safety and well-being of police officers and their families.